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All About Fair Auto and its services.

Welcome to Fair Auto


Fair Auto has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment available to service your vehicle. Our shop has all the necessary programs to check websites for the most recent service bulletins and recalls that concern your vehicle.

Invoices of all repairs and services done on your vehicle are kept safely and abiding by HIPAA Compliance, in our computer to make sure you have documentation to avoid problems with your warranties. If we find a problem covered by your Manufacturer's Warranty we will send you back to the dealer so you avoid unnecessary costs.

We will make every effort to get the best quality parts at the best price possible. We provide you with free WIFI and coffee as you wait for your repairs at the shop.


Transmission, Radiator, Oil Pumps, Check Engine Light On
Code Light on, Starter Issues
Coolant Leak, Smoke In Exhaust
Warning Lights On, Catalytic Converters, Computer Diagnostics/Electrical, Alternators/Starters. Brake Service & Repairs/Rotors, Radiators/Cooling Systems/Water Pumps/Hoses

Carburetor, Air Conditioner /Repair & Service

Fuel Injection, Clutch. Differentials

Rear End/Axles, Anything Electrical, 




Every Day Maintenance
Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Detailing, Smog Check,

/Filters/Belts/Lube, Tires and Alignment. Factory Service, Dealer Maintenance





Engine Warning Light On, Engine Overheating, Coolant Leak
Engine Won't Start, Engine Temperature light
Engine Idles Rough or Misfires, Engine Stalls. Engine Noisy

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